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Empower your organization with a tool to make fliers on brand.

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With Flier Styler the possibilities are endless.

From events to meetings to announcements - Flier Styler gives you the tools to gather content and create the communications you need quick and on brand.

Flier Styler has increased the quality and consistency of our marketing materials. As a nonprofit, the ability to maintain our brand and promote our work with this affordable, easy to use tool is a great value to us.
— Laura Klingler Doyle,
Communications Manager,
Ronald McDonald House® of Cleveland, Inc.


Need to get rid of those rogue, unapproved fliers patients are seeing around your hospital? With Flier Styler, marketing can take back the flier design process, with a tool that allows any hospital employee to create fliers that stay on brand, with your logo, colors and images, backed by a built-in approval system. Imagine your brand always represented well on any flier posted throughout your hospital? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, with Flier Styler.

Higher Education

With Flier Styler, your colleges, professors, sports programs and administration can all have a tool at their fingertips to quickly and easily create fliers with approved logos and images.

Internal Communications

Sick of posting hastily made fliers on your Intranet? Wish you had a tool to offer employees that could help with flier design and internal emailing? With Flier Styler, you can empower your employees with an online design system letting them to quickly create fliers and design emails with approved logos and images. And the best part, the built-in approval system allows you to easily review before they can share.


With Flier Styler, your student organizations, teachers, sports and administration can all have a tool to quickly and easily make fliers with your approved logos and images.